Jantes Beadlock PT-Sixstar Silver/Black 1.9 s/ cubo de roda
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Beadlock Wheels PT-Sixstar Silver/Black 1.9 w/o hub

Beadlock Wheels PT-Sixstar Silver/Black 1.9 w/o hub


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Beadlock Wheels PT-Sixstar Silver/Black 1.9 w/o hub


Metsafil developed a new range of beadlock wheels compatible with the new generation of RC models that use portals. These are high quality aluminum products. The production at the highest level takes place in modern milling and machining centers that are active for the photographic industry as well.

These are universal  beadlocks. So, you only need to buy the right hub so that it can fit to your RC Car.

See the wheel hub that can fit to your RC Model:

MT5001 - Wheel Hub 12mm Absima Sherpa (2 pcs)

MT5002 - Wheel Hub 12mm All Models (2 pcs) - HPI; Axial including Capra and SCX10III; Traxxas, etc.


With a wheel diameter of 1.9" all standard tires can be used. You don’t  need glue!  Easy and fast to assemble!  Simply assemble it and go!!



2 beadlock wheels  1.9’'

2 front exterior rims

2 interior rings (there is a point to assemble it in the right position. Please see picture below)

16 stainless steel screws

This picture is just an example. Don't consider the colour.


You must assemble the ring considering this 2 points. Now it's ready! 

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